ISO14001 series of international standards of environmental management set the world in recent years the field of environmental management experience and practice the latest in one, including the Environmental Management System (EMS), environmental auditing (EA), life-cycle assessment (LGA) and the environment Philosamia (EL) and other international standard serial standards.

    Standardization of environmental management in general is different from the standardization of products, it should have the following characteristics:
        ◆ Should be able to apply to organizations of all sizes;
        ◆ Must be flexible and be able to meet future needs;
        ◆ Environmental impact is a matter of norms should be guided by the standards;
        ◆ Can be widely used in industries and various kinds of conditions;
        ◆ Conducive to environmental protection and resource conservation to improve the work      of the continuing fear;
        ◆ Contribute to the implementation of product life cycle analysis;
        ◆ Can be used as a basis for independent evaluation.

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    ◆ Factual approach to decision making

    ◆ Mutually beneficial supplier relationships