ISO/TS16949 is the application of auto production and related accessories organization ISO9001:2008 of the special requirements, the organization form of its suitable for automobile manufacturing supply chain. At present, the domestic, outside the major oems have requires its suppliers to ISO/TS16949 certification, to ensure that each supplier with high quality operation performance, and provide a steady long-term cooperation, to achieve mutual benefit.

    ISO/TS16949 is the international automobile industry technical specifications, is based on the foundation of ISO9001, added to the automobile industry technical specification. This specification completely and ISO9000:2008 is consistent, but more focus on defect prevention, decrease in auto parts supply chain easy to produce the quality fluctuation and waste. ISO/TS16949 standard targeted and applicability is very clear, is only applicable to auto oems and its direct spare parts manufacturer, that is to say, the manufacturer must be directly related to production cars, can carry out processing and manufacturing activities, and through this activity enables products to value added.